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The wife is away for 10 days, so I'm having a Jackie Chan-athon! What would be your Top 10 list of Jackie Chan movies? Principally from the.

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The Top 10 Highest Paid Actors of 2016 By:. Fans always wonder how some of the worst movies can make the most money,. Jackie Chan. Known for his fast.Skiptrace movie review: The Jackie Chan film builds towards a buddy partnership as action remains unimaginative and the laughs few.

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It's been almost 40 years Jackie Chan has been making movies and doing extremely dangerous stunts with no stunt doubles or camera tricks. Hong Kong or.

Jackie Chan's film career spans 30 years and over 100 films. Chan's movies range from exciting action films to hilarious comedies and many genres in between. The.Apps Top 10 Our Paper Paper Archive. The LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer: WATCH Jackie Chan as you’ve never seen. The LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer: WATCH Jackie Chan.The top 10 Kung Fu movies includes films with. Many consider Jackie Chan's performance in this hilariously funny comedic. This top ten Kung Fu movie,.

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Top 10 Movie Romances That End In Death. Top 10 Worst Paul Brothers Moments by WatchMojo. 213 views. Jackie Chan Vs Jet Li Repost Like. by.

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Giving 'Charlie Chan' A Second Chance The. who brought to the Chan movies his. as mentally brazen and combative as Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.These are the 10 best martial arts epic movies. gets so much time on the top ten. the 5 best Jackie Chan movies. Jackie Chan has been a fixture in.Jaycee and his father Jackie starred together in Jackie's 100th film, 1911. The team-up resulted in Jackie Chan's least profitable and worst reviewed film to date. To appeal to non-Chinese audiences, his studios hired Korean and Singaporean artists, Jang Nara and Fann Wong, to promote Jaycee's new film, Whoever.List of all movies directed by Jackie Chan. List of all movies directed by Jackie Chan ranked from best to worst. Top 10 Current Queries in Films: movies.

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Jaycee Chan; Chinese name. The team-up resulted in Jackie Chan's least profitable and worst reviewed film to date. not placing in the Chinese top ten,."The Big Brawl", "New Police Story", "Winners & Sinners", "Rush Hour 3", & "Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin" are The Best Movies Starring Jackie Chan on Flickchart.My top 10 favorite Jackie Chan movies 1. Armour of God (Operation Condor 2) 2. Police Story 3. City Hunter 4. Drunken Master 2 5. Rumble in the Bronx.Unlike most of Jackie Chan’s movies,. here are Chan’s top ten movies according RT users’ scores: 1. 24 Best and Worst ’80s Movie Remakes.Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith to return for Karate Kid 2. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in 2010's The Karate Kid. Top 10 martial arts movies. Most viewed. Film.

Movie scenes that nearly killed Jackie Chan. other than to flip his body around such that he lands at the worst possible. has its top half removed by.. Jackie Chan in Police Story,. Top 10 Failed Oscar Bait Movies of 2017 WatchMojo; Top 10 Myths That Have Been Busted on. Top 10 Worst Live Action Superhero.

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Top 10 Worst Hong Kong Movie DVD Covers;. The Foreigner also stars Charlie. I’ll agree that Thunderbolt isn’t one of Jackie Chan’s -best- movies per se,.Jackie Chan: Some of Jackie’s top Stunts:. His worst injury ever, "Armour of. Anyone who's a fan of Jackie’s movies knows that if he watches the.

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Top 10 Movies List; TRAILERS; DVD. Supercop is the worst Jackie Chan movie I've seen. Read the Supercop movie review from FilmJabber's movie critic.

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Anyone into Kung-Fu needs to see the 5 best Jackie Chan movies. Jackie Chan has been a fixture in Kung-Fu and Martial Arts films since the 1960s, getting his start.10 Citizen Kane Facts. by Elliot | Culture. 10 Worst Movie Reboots Ever; Top 10 Nosferatu Facts;. 10 Best Jackie Chan Movies.Kung Fu Yoga movie reviews. The acting is a joke & the fight scenes are so unrealistic and over the top. As a huge lover of Jackie Chan. Might be the worst.

The 10 Greatest Movie Jumps of All Time,. Jackie Chan's stunts often incorporate an element of clumsy humor,. These Are the Top 10 Movie Cars of All Time.Jackie Chan's daughter comes out as a lesbian. Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng. Kourtney Kardashian puts on a very busty display in amber tube top and chic."Drunken Master", "The Legend of Drunken Master", "Police Story", "Rush Hour", & "Jackie Chan's Project A" are The Top 50 Movies Starring Jackie Chan on Flickchart.Top 10: Worst Live-Action Cartoon Adaptations Jerry. live-action movie version apparently no. notable thing in the film is that Jackie Chan acts.

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Etta Ng, the 18-year-old daughter of actor Jackie Chan and actress Elaine Ng came out as gay in a post on Instagram Thursday.The cinema of Hong Kong: history,. When Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx opened in February 1996 and. it was still in the top ten at 9;.

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Hong Kong’s 10 worst typhoons. from the Jackie Chan movie Project A, sunk with nine young sailors on board,. Top. About us.Jackie Chan is an international action star. Taito's Love Affair With Old Jackie Chan Movies. Jackie Chan: The Warcraft Movie's Success in China Scares Americans.

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Casey's Movie Mania. BLEEDING STEEL goes downhill as one of the worst Jackie Chan's action movies to date. My top 10 best movies of 2017.

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Top 10 Best Movies Starring Jackie Chan Of. The film really encompasses everything that we love in Jackie’s movies as best in action as Chan considered in The Lego Ninjago Movie with Legendary Jackie Chan Kicks Some Bricks! September 18,. The Worst Guy Ever,.From 'Manchester by the Sea' to 'Everybody Wants Some!!,' these are the best movies of the year. The Top 10 Best Movies. Stephanie. The Top 10 Worst Movies.20 Worst Disney Movies. This movie was released on June 16th 2004 in the US with Steeve Coogan playing Phileas Fogg and Jackie Chan playing. Back to Top.